T-TRAK Guidelines

Doug’s T-Trak Modules on the table, over our new banner

At the March 2018 Erie Train Show, several of our members, interested in T-TRAK, started discussion about our themes or standards. At the time, it was probably too early to establish standards and recommended practices for Division 12 T-TRAK, but it did make sense to start establishing “guidelines” specific to Division 12. At the first meeting of the T-TRAK Committee in early May, 2018, we updated the initial guidelines, and we will continue to do so. Our guidelines will be a subset of the T-TRAK.org  guidelines that allow for interoperability between all T-TRAK modules.


Initial Guidelines for Division 12 T-TRAK

Initial Layout Concept:

The initial layout concept was to consist of an outer DC loop and an inner DCC loop that includes switching activity. After further discussion, another possible approach is to be able to switch the entire layout to either DCC or DC, before a running session. As T-TRAK appears to be the initial way of promoting the hobby to the public and having trains running at public events, we are planning on having T-TRAK on display at future Division 12 activities.

Initial Guidelines:

Standards and Recommended Practices from North American T-TRAK Organization

  1. 33 mm spacing of Kato N Scale Unitrack
  2. #6 or larger turnouts on mainline, #4 okay for trackage off of mainline
  3. Blue, white, white, blue Kato feeder wires for drops from module
  4. Up to a 1/4″ hole in corners to adjust leveling screws
  5. Common box/fascia color (Sherwin-Williams 6174 Andiron)
  6. Avoid roads ending at module transitions (Don’t have roads run parallel to track?)
  7. Unless mated modules, scenery elevation should return to flat at module transitions
  8. For eras, locations, and seasons: Eastern generic, trying to avoid glaring anachronisms while keeping an anything goes attitude
  9. At least bare-bones scenery before public display
  10. No “sky board”; we may use a “scenic filler” in the gap created between modules
  11. Ballast with Kato Unitrak grey ballast where required.

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