Operations in Division 12, the Alleghany Western Division.

Initial plans:

The clerk (clerk@div12mcr.org), webmaster (webeditor@div12mcr.org) and operations coordinator (operations@div12mcr.org) plan to create and maintain a list of model railroads within the area that are available for operations with details of the railroad, style of operations, number of operators, and contact information.

We also plan to schedule  upcoming op sessions with planned dates, contact information, and open positions. This will probably be done by e-mail.

Finally, we may use this page to support those operators working towards their Chief Dispatcher Certificate, the operations part of the NMRA Achievement Program.

Volunteering to Host an Operations session:

Because only the clerk has access to our email lists, the clerk is responsible for crew calls. To host an operations session for Division 12 members, contact Brad White at asst.superintendent@div12mcr.org with the following information at least two weeks before the session:

  • Your name:
  • Name of your railroad:
  • Date and time of the ops-session:
  • Address/location of ops-session:
  • How many people you can accommodate and in what roles:
  • Type of system (Digitrax, NCE, DC block, etc.):
  • Are throttles needed?
  • Short description of model railroad (era, operating style) or a video/web link:
  • Closing date for the call board:

The clerk will then send a crew call as an email blast to all members of Division 12. Interested members will reply to the clerk. The clerk sends a second notice and a final notice out either when all positions filled or at the closing date.

Model Railroads in Division 12 that support operations:

  1. Bill Schopf’s Baltimore and Lehigh: The railroad, located in Bill’s attic near Cambridge Springs, runs best with two to three operators (it’s the number of throttles available as well). It’s an NCE DCC system with a strong coal hauling flavor of eastern PA in the late 1940s. Mostly early diesel, some steam on occasion. If anyone wanted to get more of a sense of the railroad they could also look at the layout tour video that’s listed on the “Links and Layouts” page of the website.