T-TRAK and Modular Displays

We will be following the precedent of having T-TRAK and other modules on display and to provide judging for them at the Northern Express.


We are hoping to have an expansive T-TRAK layout at the Northern Express. Bruce DeMaeyer from the Mid Central Region and Bruce Bloomster from Division 12 are managing the T-TRAK  committee. Please note the following procedures for entering modules for display and for judging:


Official 901-MCR Contest Entry Form

 Procedure for filling out Registration Form 901:

  1. Entrant/Modeler -Start the form by completing the data requested. If your module has an identifying name, include the name. A separate 901 form is required for each module or module group you are registering. Registering multiple modules into a group will be important only for judging purposes. This information is described in the Name of the Entry line
  2. Non Judged -Decide whether you want the module to be non-judged (Display only). Checking the module box will make your module display only and it will not be judged.
  3. Judged Contest – Check the T-TRAK or Other
  4. Conditions of EntryRead carefully
  5. Signature – The model builder should sign the Entrant/Modeler Signiture Line. If you cannot attend the convention but some other Member of the Region will bring your module to the convention on your behalf, that Member should sign on the Proxy Signature line. State the Entry Value for your module.
  6. Contest Claim Check – This portion of the form will be torn off and will be your claim check that will be used at the completion of the Convention and will be signed and turned back to the registration committee as proof of proper return.


Official 903 Module Judges Score Sheet

You will fill out this form only if you have checked off on the above 901 Form that you want your module(s) to be Judged

Model Description: Use the same information that you used for the Name of Entry line on the 901 Form

Categories: Describe your module in detail. Try to be as specific as you can be to answer what you did on your module that you wish the judges to observe. There is intentionally not a lot of room on the form for a lot of verbosity, so write small and include all of your special things that you want noticed. If you must, additional pages can be added but the judges will be so busy that they will likely not have time to read your construction manual.

There are four Categories of judging, Terrain, Structures, Lighting and Realism/Conformity. The judges will be using a Form 903-G to help them look for detail in each category. A copy of that Guide is attached to this procedure sheet.


General Overview for Judging Modules Form 903-G

Read this document to get the flavor of the way the judges will look at the modules

If the judges award more that 87 ½ (out of a possible 125) points to your module (s), you will be able to take the documentation on form 903 and attach it to a Statement of Qualification (SOQ) for the AP Master Builder Scenery based on the # of square feet of the module (s). N scale requires 18 square feet total to meet the AP Master Builder requirements.

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