Railroad Tours

We have several bus tours planned for the Northern Express, and we will have a number of “on-your-own” model railroad tours and ops-sessions planned.

Bus Tours

We have two rail tours arranged, and we will add details has we finalize the plans:

  • GE Transportation, a Wabtec Company: Erie plant tour
  • The Brewerie at Union Station: The tour of the Union station which opened in 1927 will include lunch at the Brewerie.

Model Railroad Tours

We will be offering the opportunity to tour local model railroads, meeting with the modelers. The model railroad tours will be self-guided and additional information, hours, and locationsĀ  will beĀ  made available as the schedule is finalized. Please be sure to include your legibly printed email for confirmation and tour information.

Operating Sessions

Please be sure to check that you are interested in ops-sessions on the registration form as we plan to use an online sign-up with a registration code that will be emailed to you. At this point, you can go to www.operatingsessions.com and register as a new user under “Operators” if you are not already registered there. That way you will be ready to go when registration and scheduling of the tours and ops-sessions are available.

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