First Membership Meeting

Division 12 held its first membership meeting on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the Quality Inn and Suites at Route 97 and I-90 in Erie, PA. The minutes of the meeting are available on the Documents page.

One of the features of our membership meetings will be the Bring and Brag segment. The initial participation demonstrated some excellent modeling in our division as members brought examples of what they have been working on.



Start-up Grant

David Neff, the superintendent of Division 5, (on the right) presenting a check to Brad White, the superintendent of Division 12 (on the left)

Dave Neff, on behalf of the Board of Directors and General Membership of Division 5, presented a grant of $2,500 to Alleghany Western, Division 12 at the Division 5 membership meeting on February 2nd. The grant is for start-up expenses to get our new division up and running. The generous grant is much appreciated as we meet the expenses associated with starting a non-profit organization.

Organizational Board of Directors Meeting

Back row, left to right, are Brad White, Dave Ellis, Dick Bradley, and Doug Sandmeyer. Front row, left to right, are Mike Hauk, Chris Mincemoyer, and Dave Neff (Superintendent of Division 5).

On Saturday, December 9, 2017 the Alleghany Western Division Board of Directors met in an organizational meeting. So, we are official! The Regulations were tentatively approved pending further approval of the general membership. A copy of the Regulations can be found on the Documents page. Besides making sure that we had our t’s crossed and our i’s dotted in forming a new division, we discussed what kind of events Division 12 might participate in, what membership meetings might look like, and what membership meeting schedules might be.