Ops-sessions and Model Railroad Tours

We will be offering the opportunity to operate on local model railroads and to tour local model railroads, meeting with the modelers.

Ops-sessions will be an online sign-up with a registration code. Please be sure to check that you are interested in ops-sessions on the registration form, so we can email your registration code. At this point, you can go to www.operatingsessions.com and register as a new user under “Operators.” That way you will be ready to go when the link is sent to you. While we are still scheduling the tours and ops-sessions, it looks like the ops-sessions will be on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Model railroad tours will be open on Friday evening from 7:00 until 9:00 PM and/or Saturday evening 7:00 until 9:00 PM after the on-site activities. They will be self-guided and additional information, hours, and locations  will be sent via email after you have registered and the schedule is finalized. Please be sure to include your legibly printed email for confirmation and tour information.

Railroads on the Tour:

Dick Bradley’s Pennsylvania & Maryland:

Friday Evening Only

Scale: HO, Standard Gauge

Size: 8’ x 15’ layout room plus an equal undeveloped area for staging.

Era and locale: 1955 April 19, 12:15 pm; Red Lion, Pennsylvania

This is a short line switching model railroad with an interchange to a main line.  The equipment and buildings reflect a proto-freelance depiction of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad.

Rob Bennett’s PRR/NYC themed:

Friday and Saturday Evening

Scale: HO

Size: Roughly 12’ X 45’

Era and Locale: Late 1950’s, free-lanced but heavy PRR theme

Recently re-constructed with the addition of off-layout staging, a transition era locomotive servicing facility (steam and diesel) and a large coal dock. New swing gate for access is in place and access into the layout is now easy. The line depicts a very loose proto-freelance of a route similar to the old Pennsylvania Railroad’s Erie & Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and Erie. It is a joint operation with the New York Central and motive power from both railroads is prevalent. A branch to Olean, NY leads to additional off-layout staging. The layout utilizes the C/MRI system although new signals still need to be installed due to the reconstruction. Scenery is about 65% complete. The layout progress is being documented on a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGN0O1Vkd8GdkzWpbOA0ktQ


Ed Blenner’s Erie County Southern Railway:

Friday and Saturday Evening

Scale of RR: N

Room size: Two rooms, one 11’ X 28’, the second one 12’ X 22’

Description: Modern era CSX Railroad


Brad White’s PRR Chautauqua Branch:

Friday Evening Only

Scale: HO

Size: 22’ X 26’ basement

Era and Locale: 1955, Oil City, PA to Buffalo, NY

The railroad models the operations on the Chautauqua Branch, including the towns of Oil City, Rouseville, Titusville, Spartansburg, Corry, PA and Mayville NY.


Bill Schopf’s Baltimore & Lehigh:

Friday and Saturday Evening

Scale: HO

Size: Entire 3rd floor (attic)

Era and Locale: 1940s in Eastern PA

Coal hauling road with mostly diesel, but some steam. Operations centered railroad, yet fully sceniced with many mini-scenes and scratch built buildings.


Mike Hauk’s Susquehanna & New York Railroad:

Open for tours Friday evening only

Scale: HO

Size: Roughly 51’ X 17’ sharing space with crew lounge/family area

Era and locale: 1930’s north central PA.

All track is in place. Scenery is approximately 20% complete. Operations are low key TT&TO  with CVP DCC radio control.

Doug Sandmeyer’s Quartz Lake and Galena:

Friday Evening Only

Scale: On3/On30

Era and locale: 1940s steam narrow gauge.

Mining branch line. 90% of track is in place. Scenery is approximately 10% complete.


Lakeshore Model Railroad Association 

Friday Evening Only

Scale: Multiple scales including several layouts and T-TRAK

Size: 40’ X 70’

Several members of the Lakeshore Model Railroad Association are also members of Division 12 and will have the club open for the AWMM model railroad tours.


We will update this page with information about the model railroads as we confirm them and their schedules. If you are interested in hosting either tours or operations sessions, please contact superintendent@div12mcr.org or clerk@div12mcr.org.

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