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Operations: Call Board for Bill Schopf’s Baltimore and Lehigh

Bill has scheduled an op-session on his railroad in Cambridge Springs for the afternoon after our August 11 membership meeting and would like to open it to members of Division 12. For those participating, he suggests going to the new general store in Venango for lunch (excellent sandwiches and craft beers) and then coming over to run some trains.

The railroad runs best with seven operators (it’s the number of throttles available as well). It’s an NCE DCC system with a strong coal hauling flavor of eastern PA in the late 1940s. Mostly early diesel, some steam on occasion. If anyone wanted to get more of a sense of the railroad they could also look at the video that’s listed on the “Links and Layouts” page of the website.

He has three or four positions open, one of which is a smaller yard. The other two or three positions are running trains on the mainline, using switch lists rather than car cards. He will fill the call board on a first contact/best chance basis. He can be contacted at All positions are now full for August 11.