NMRA Achievement Program

The Achievement Program is a part of NMRA membership that Division 12 plans to encourage.

Mike Hauk has volunteered to head up the AP program for the division. He has explained that in his view, the Achievement Program is not about competition, but rather growth in skills and techniques. He volunteered as an “apprentice judge” at a recent MCR convention to learn more about the process.

An informal  part of the NMRA achievement program has been that those holding category certificates or the Master Model Railroaders award offer assistance to others as they work toward achievement.  One of Division 12’s members, Dick Bradley, MMR 37,  has done so in the past and plans to continue to try to be helpful.

Contact Mike:

Association Volunteer AP Award

Members in the division can receive a small token of appreciation for the valuable time spent making the Division a success by counting this time toward the Association Volunteer AP Award.

The requirements for this award are outlined on the NMRA website at:, and you can read the whole list on the site. A total of 60 “time units” are required for the award.

However, I would like to highlight a few here, as they are specifically applicable to our local Division 12 level:

  1. Service as a Division officer or director (other than at the Regional level): 1 TU per month.
  2. Active satisfactory service as a Committee Manager: 1 TU per month.
  3. Active satisfactory service as a Division committee or board member: 1/2 TU per month.
  4. Newsletter Editors of 100% NMRA clubs having 10 or more members may earn 1 TU per issue of the club newsletter, providing it is four pages or more. All newsletters must have four issues on file in the NMRA’s Kalmbach Memorial Library, edited by the person applying, before the time units will be considered for credit.
  5.  Individuals (and their crews) who open their home or club layout for layout tours in conjunction with NMRA conventions or other NMRA sponsored events earn credit as follows for each day that the layout is open for viewing:  Divisional Event: 3 Time Units / day (3 TUs maximum per event)
  6. Individuals who participate in modular layouts (e.g. T-Trak) in conjunction with NMRA Divisions, or at NMRA sponsored events, earn credit as follows for each day the layout is open for viewing at the event: Divisional Event3 Time Units / day (3 TUs maximum per event)
  7. A live clinic that is presented more than once earns Association Volunteer credits for each additional (the first presentation is credited toward Author) presentation at the following schedule: Divisional Clinic :1 Time Unit

Our division will have been already active for a year in a just a few months and the time goes by quickly, and those TU’s will add up in no time; so volunteer today!

Note: We will need presenters for clinics and other Division meeting programs in the future, and we will always need content for the newsletter and website. That material can be counted toward the Model Railroad Author AP Award, and I’ll touch on that award in the future.